We ran a good hard race, but the timing in the city, state and country wasn’t right. I feel good about the campaign and can’t thank everyone who donated money and time to help it be successful. Wendye and I are looking forward to getting back to a more normal life, until our next adventure. Thank you all again. I’ll be taking this page down this weekend. 

I have a deep love for Annapolis and enjoy helping the many organizations that make our community so vibrant.

Mayor Pantelides has done a good job of pulling our City out from near bankruptcy; however, he had very little help from the City Council. In fact, they fought him at every step and still, today, refuse to permit any real reform.

I believe that I have a unique skill set to bring to the City Council – a finance and management background with a track record of public service.

I respectfully ask for your vote in this fall’s City Election.

James Appel