Transportation & Roads

Ward 5 is split in half by Forest Drive (mostly a county road). Unfortunately, there is very little coordination between the City and the County when it comes to addressing the ever-increasing traffic on Forest Drive. I support a comprehensive solution that includes both the City and the County, as well as the State.


There should be no more development on the Annapolis Neck until traffic is addressed and successfully mitigated. This is includes Crystal Springs and any new developments.


Developers pay a tax into the City’s Open Space fund. This fund should be used to purchase open space, not just for the sake of stopping development but to build parks and athletic fields and to give all residents better access to the water. We need to get outside to enjoy this beautiful City in which we live.


Annapolis city residents have a high tax burden — too high. We have a bloated bureaucracy that is not held accountable for the tax dollars they receive. As a finance expert, I am appalled at the lack of transparency, checks and balances and outright waste that takes place in our City government. I will support the Mayor’s efforts to reform City government.

Public Safety

Crime and the murder rate in Annapolis are both at an all-time high. The change in leadership at the Police Department has been a big improvemnt and support the continued comminity involvement. I would also support a stronger City relationship with the State’s Attorney Office and the County Police Department. We need an integrated approach to public safety.

“I look forward to working with James Appel as your next Alderman. James understands public safety and how important it is to have an integrated approach between agencies. I consider James Appel a true partner in keeping our communities safe.”

- Wes Adams, State’s Attorney

Ward 5 Annapolis